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Enchanted Enterprises Building

Party with Enchanted Enterprises

Enchanted Enterprises is located in the Brisbane suburb of Windsor, just 3km from the CBD. Our venue offers an exquisite fairy-tale party setting that is all yours to enjoy. 


Personalise your celebration with multiple theming options, be it a chic pamper session, a spirited disco, an artistic paint and sip, or a sophisticated mini high tea.


Choose Enchanted Enterprises and impress your guests with an unforgettable, upscale party experience.

The Space


Enchanted Hall

The Enchanted Hall is a mesmerising blend of history and modern aesthetics. One side of the hall is graced with beautiful exposed brickwork, lending an age-old charm that contrasts beautifully with the contemporary wooden floors underfoot. 4ft high ceilings tower above, offering a choice of ambiance.


Bask in the warm glow of natural lighting partnered with chandeliers for an elegant high tea party, or switch to a darker mode, perfect for an electrifying disco event. Moreover, backgrounds can be effortlessly transformed to align with any chosen theme. While we provide a light thematic touch, the hall can also serve as a blank canvas, ready to be painted with the unique dreams and visions of its occupants.


Fairytale Courtyard

The Fairytale Courtyard is one of the largest private gardens you'll encounter in such proximity to Brisbane City.

The courtyard offers a lower and upper level, allowing for space for multiple activities and functions at the same time.


Laden with little secrets and charming nooks, it invites exploration and moments of quiet reflection. The Fairytale courtyard is perfect for larger parties and is included in our Deluxe Packages or for personal private hire. This spacious garden offers both beauty and promise, ensuring guests always have a peaceful spot to unwind.

Brisbane Garden Venue

Parent Tea Room

The Parent Tea Room sits between the Fairytale Courtyard and the Enchanted Hall and is where your journey into our enchanting venue begins.

This is a smaller room that seats 8 at our dining table. The room has medieval stylings and is perfect for small intimate gatherings.

Step through our magical wardrobe and unlock the magic within.

Dining Room
Enchanted wardrobe

Accommodation Suite

The Penthouse Retreat is a separately bookable space above the Enchanted Hall that is used for private short-term stays.


These are mostly commonly booked with our Slumber Party packages for adults and caregivers to stay in, or for couples getting ready for their ceremonies.

Prices start at $200/night. Contact us to book direct.

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