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Easter Bunny Balloons

Easter Balloons

Our Easter Bunny Gift Balloons are hand crafted in-store at our Windsor Venue by our Easter Fairies! There is an option to drop off your own filling or let us choose from our variety of chocolate. At this stage the chocolate is randomised in our pre-filled selections (a choice of Plush Bunny or Chocolate Bunny).

Bring your child to collection day so they can meet our Easter Fairies! We also have the Easter Bunny available for select meet and greet sessions.

Do you have a ticket to one of our Easter Weekend events? You can order your bunny to be picked up at the event!

All gift items must be provided to our fairies by WEDNESDAY 27th of March.


Pickup is from Enchanted Enterprises in Windsor. No delivery is available.

Filling Drop off Times: (By appointment)

Saturday 23rd - Wednesday 27th: Between 10am-2pm


Pickup times: (By appointment)

Friday 29th of March - 10am - 2pm (Easter Fairy, Free Pickup)

Saturday 30th of March - 11:30am-12:00pm Free pickup (no character) or 12:00pm - 12:30pm (Bring the kids! Easter Bunny Meet! +$25)

Sunday 31st of March - 11:30am-12:00pm (Bring the kids! Easter Bunny Meet! +$25) or 12:00pm - 12:30pm (no character)

OR during your Gumtree Easter Saturday or Alice in Wonderland Easter Sunday session (ticket required).


Fill Your Own Advice:

Please remember that all gift items must be able to fit within a 12cm diameter circle and should ideally not exceed 2kg in weight to ensure optimal inflation longevity.

Hard packaged gift items that lack flexibility must adhere to the 12cm diameter limit, as they will not fit within our gift balloon. Examples of such items include easter bunnies, perfume, photo frames, certain toys, and hardcover books.

Soft packaged items, on the other hand, typically do not pose any issues as they have flexibility and are not confined by the 12cm diameter circle. Examples of these include clothing, towels, and teddy bears.


Advice on Pickup:

Please be aware that this balloon cannot be laid on its side during transportation, so please consider your vehicle options accordingly.

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