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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Party Booking:


1. Consent for Media Use: Images and videos taken during the party may be used on our social media platforms and website for promotional purposes. If you have any concerns about specific images, please inform us in advance.


2. Party Size: The Enchanted Hall venue has a max capacity of 30 (15 children and 10 adults. The Fairy tale Courtyard has a maximum capacity of 50 (30 children and 20 adults) and is recommended to be used for larger events. We will discuss the best configurations upon receiving your booking request. If your party has more than 15 children RSVP'd, you will be required to upgrade to the Deluxe Package so that we have the space required to create the party experience. 


3. Booking Confirmation: The booking will be confirmed once the non-refundable deposit has been paid. A date will not be secured until the deposit has been paid. The final amount is due 7 days before the event. Enchanted Enterprises has the right to cancel the party if the final amount is not received within 7 days prior to the event.


4. Refund Policy: We do not provide refunds under any circumstances. This includes for parties where you have paid to add on and no longer want them on the day OR extra children not showing up. Please understand that we preorder our supplies and catering therefore a refund is not possible.


5. Rescheduling: If you wish to reschedule the party, please notify us at least 14 days before the original party date, and we will do our best to accommodate the new date based on availability.


6. Party Venue: Parties will be hosted at our venue in Windsor. Parking for the host is available at the location. Guests will be provided alternate street parking on the digital invitations.


7. Party Duration: The standard party duration is 1.5 - 2 hours. We find that this is the perfect length of time for little bodies and little brains before they get too tired. Any extension of the party time may incur extra charges.


8. Party Responsibilities: The hosting parent/guardian is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of the children attending the party. We reserve the right to terminate the party if any participant engages in disruptive or harmful behaviour.


9. Liability: While we take every precaution to ensure the safety of all party attendees, we cannot be held liable for any accidents, injuries, or damages that may occur during the event.


10. Dietary Requirements: Please inform us in advance of any specific dietary requirements or allergies among the children attending the party, and we will do our best to accommodate them.


11. Outside Food: Due to food safety standards, no external food, except for a cake, can be brought under the premises under any circumstances unless the package dictates otherwise. We can provide platters for children and parents, including catering for any and all dietary requirements.

12. Drinks: Parents can bring their own beverage of choice to consume in the upstairs Parent Gallery, at a cost of $5 corkage per person. Glassware is strictly prohibited in the Enchanted Hall party area and Courtyard and must be kept upstairs at all times.

13. Sign in: All parents attending with children must sign in to the party using the QR code, or document and pen, at the front of the party when entering. This is to ensure the safety of all children in the event of an emergency. 

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